Chase Your Dream, Until You Achieve Success – Motivational Quotes

To be or not to be. Is this our life purpose or this is the destiny? The question generally comes once in everyone’s mind  whenever there comes hard time. No one can control every aspect of its life journey. So all anxiety is worthless at the end because everyone has to die one day and that too bare hand. We born with nothing and we will die with nothing.


We all make mistakes, no doubt in this. But mistakes are made by those who try. The mistakes reflect the will towards different approaches, attitudes and behaviors. Mistakes reveal hidden powerful opportunities for everyone, the one who finds it, implements it is the one who is the winner and achieve success.

Don’t stop believing in your dreams. Chasing the dream is what motivates one to stay up late at night (sometimes not even sleep at night) or wake early in the morning. It forces to continuously fight and conquer one’s own fear.


The best motivation ever is to always believe in your dream. Always keep it in front of you. Never lose your dream. One who loses its dream, a big part of its life would always be lost. To chase the dream one requires belief in itself. Dream chasers who succeed are seen as legends, while those who fail are regarded as fools.

Try always to be a legend, the best practice ever to keep your dream in front of you is to read the inspirational and motivational quotes daily. Truly said by A.P.J Abdul Kalam “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.” And never stop chasing your dream.