Learn From Other’s Mistake, Because Life’s Too Short To Commit And Learn From Yours

“Forget what hurts you in the past, but never forget what it taught you.”

This teaches not to hold the past things but that doesn’t mean you should forget it. Forget the incident but always remember what it taught you. The time you spent remembering the past incident and being sad about it is worthless and wastage instead use that time for betterment of your present. And you can’t start next chapter of your life if you stick to the one.


Failure and success are the part of life. So one must not be sad of failure. Failure always teaches a man something. The mistakes made in the first attempt are the cause of failure and one never repeats them because he suffered them and get a lesson for lifetime.


And mistakes are made by those who try. One must always run from the mistakes whether they are its own or some other. And life is too short to learn from one’s own mistakes. So learn from the mistakes of others and never repeat them in your life because you know the result.

An optimist always find the motivation and inspiration in each and every aspect and mistakes of life. It would always take failure and mistakes in the positive manner and learn from them and will never repeat them. And that a pessimist would do vice-versa. So always be an optimist and always try to learn from your and other’s mistakes. Also the motivational and inspirational quotes are the best way to get inspired and motivated in the life. So make a habit of reading them regularly and head towards your aim.


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